Information: A Fundamental Construct by Robert B. Allen (


This is a broad overview of informatics, information science, and information systems.


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        The text is still under development. Some sections are nearing completion while others need extensive revision.  There will be frequent updates at this site.

        All comments, questions, corrections, and suggestions are welcome.

        The PPTs were developed several years ago and are not entirely consistent with the latest version of the text.



Introductory Material, pdf

Chapter 1 Information, pdf ppt

Chapter 2 Knowledge Representation, Documents, and Metadata pdf ppt

Chapter 3 Tasks and Activities, pdf ppt

Chapter 4 Human Cognition, Affect, and HCI, pdf ppt

Chapter 5 Social Interaction and Education, pdf ppt

Chapter 6 Natural Language, pdf ppt

Chapter 7 Information Services, pdf ppt

Chapter 8 Society, Economics, and Business, pdf ppt

Chapter 9 Scholarship, Science, and Domain Informatics, pdf ppt

Chapter 10 Text and Human Language Technologies, pdf ppt

Chapter 11 Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Simulation, pdf ppt

Appendix, pdf

Index, pdf


Complete text in one file (about 17 MB), pdf


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